Winter Storms and Ice Skating – A Perfect Match


hamden apartments near louis ice arenaWelcome to February, 2011 and another snow storm. It may be a new month, but the story hasn’t changed since January which is now known as the snowiest month in the history of the State of Connecticut. But wait, today is just the start of what is forecast to be a 2-day storm with lots more snow, sleet and freezing rain. Everyone loves a winter wonderland, but this is getting ridiculous!

Our road conditions are treacherous, and growing worse. Schools are closed again, and school districts are already planning how to deal with the lost snow days this year. They have even announced that February school break will be canceled. Commuters traveling our Metro-North lines are experiencing delays, and one line is already suspended. Opposite side of the street parking and emergency-street bans are in effect, and the DOT is busily preparing for potentially hazardous icy conditions that will result from the glazing over of ice.

The good news is that if you happen live at Seramonte in one of our convenient Hamden apartments, you are in the perfect location to experience a great winter sport. The Louis Astorina Ice Arena Ice Skating Rink founded in Hamden is located on Mix Avenue, and is the ideal place for getting some good, invigorating exercise. Get out of the house and cautiously make your way to the rink where you can lace up, and join the fun. If you’re an adult looking to learn to skate for entertainment or if you have children who are yearning to skate the pros, this is the place to go. If you or your child or children already skate, there are classes for advanced skaters that focus on form and technique. For more information, just visit www.rinktime.com.

Meanwhile, keep a watchful eye open for news alerts broadcasting road conditions, school and business and institutional closings. If you are planning to travel, you would want to know that cancellations at Bradley International Airport are increasing on a regular basis. But wait, relief is just ahead! We have just learned that Friday’s forecast is shaping up in a very positive way. It’s to be a pretty nice day with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the high ranges of the mid 30’s to the lower 40’s. If we survive and make it to Friday, we may find that it’s warmer here than it is in the sunny State of Florida!

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