Where the Stars Come Out


If you sing in the shower and think you sound great, you probably do. It is a fact that the acoustics of the shower make for wonderful music. But if you want to test your theory that you actually have a great voice, perhaps you should consider performing at a local karaoke night. Karaoke is believed to have originated in a small bar in Japan. The in-house band recorded their music onto tape, and if they were not there the singer would just sing along to the tape. The word Karaoke was written on the tape, Kara meaning missing and Oke meaning band or orchestra.

Karaoke could make you the singing star you’ve always wanted to become. In Karaoke, you can have the same music playing in the background from your favorite professional group, while you sing the lyrics. Don’t know the words? No problem. Karaoke sound tracks allow the lyrics to scroll across the screen of a standard TV. Now, anyone can be the star!

This isn’t to say that you should rely on Karaoke to pay the rent on your beautiful two bedroom condo in Branford, much less expect to quit your day job in nearby New Haven to spend all summer on the beautiful beaches along the shoreline. But it is fun, even fun to watch. Branford offers a number of venues.

Here are a few of them:
The Chowder Pot on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 12:30.
SBC on Wednesdays.
Humphrey’s Grill & Bar (203) 481-7735
La Luna Ristorante

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