Weird is Normal in October near Your Connecticut Apartments


Weird is Normal Near Your CT Apartments in October

It’s now October; a time when you expect to walk out of your Connecticut apartments and see something a little unusual. Did you know that in common years January starts on the same day of the week as October, but no other month starts on the same day of the week as October in leap years? October ends on the same day of the week as February every year and January in common years only. And in leap years, October starts on the same day as August of the previous year. Now that you are thoroughly confused, suffice it to say that October is commonly associated with autumn in our part of the world.

Although many of Connecticut’s fall festivals have already taken place, there are still lots of festivals yet to come. You can start planning your upcoming weekend activities by visiting http://festivalnet.com/state/connecticut/ct.html for further info.

If there is any month where weird is normal, most certainly it is the month of October. It’s the month when most folks shop and search for something unusual that on any other day of the year would be considered crazy or odd. It all leads up to one thing – the scariest day of the year – Halloween! It’s the time when werewolves, vampires and all other creatures and monsters can relax, blend in to the population and “fit in” with the rest of us.

On this night, there’s plenty of imagery around with themes of evil, death, the occult and mythical monsters, and it has become customary for kids to go from door-to-door trick or treating. For all Seramonte parents, please supervise your children on this night; and for residents of the luxury apartments in Connecticut at Seramonte, if you plan to give out treats, please keep your lights on to light the way for kids who may knock on your door.

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