Tips for Using Rugs to Decorate Your Apartment this Summer


Tips for Using Rugs to Decorate Your Apartment this SummerMuch like summer, your apartment’s décor should be effortless. To refresh the look of your apartment this summer, consider changing out your rugs to give it a new look without much effort. Rugs can easily accent a room and often times serve a purpose that is more than just decoration; they can be used in the entryways to knock off dirt and in the bathroom to catch water. What are some things to keep in mind when choosing a summer rug?

First, remember to use rugs that incorporate summer colors. You want your apartment to reflect those colors we see outdoors in the summer. Bright colors like yellow and orange are perfect to lighten up a room and bring happiness to you and your guests when you see them. Also, consider using blue colors in your summer rugs. Blue is a cool, relaxing color and gives you the serene feeling of being at the beach. All of these summer colors are welcoming and play well with neutrals, making them perfect to use in your apartment this summer season.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for summer rugs is to consider the material of the rug. In the winter, we use rugs that are warm and thick because of the colder weather. Similarly, use rugs that are cool and light to offset the hotter summer days. Also, since we love to spend our summer days outdoors when possible, there is more of a chance of tracking dirt into your apartment. Find rugs that are easier to clean when those inevitable dirt stains are left on the rug.

One final tip to help you decorate for the summer is to make this project your own. Let the rugs reflect your personality. You can play around with different shapes and sizes to help create variety in rooms. However, make sure each room flows to the next to really elevate the whole space.

Use these tips to help decorate your apartment with rugs for the summer. For more information about CTBest Apartments and to find apartments in Branford, Hamden, New Haven, Norwalk and Stamford, Connecticut visit www.CTBestApts.com or call or text leasing consultant Desiree at 203-223-1665.

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