Things to Remember as a First-Time Renter


Seramonte Townhomes in HamdenRenting for the first time is a major step, and there are certain things to do and keep in my mind when going through the process. From deciding to rent to moving in, the process can seem intimidating, so here are some tips to remember to help those renting for the first time.

First, those looking to rent need to have a budget and stick to it. Making a budget can help narrow down what apartments to look at and prevent wasting time looking at ones not within the budget. One general rule to keep in mind is the rent should not exceed 30 percent of the renter’s income. Staying within a budget will help prevent a lot of stress and worrying.

Second, when looking at apartments to rent, have a list of priorities. This step will also help narrow down what apartments to look at. Having this list also helps whenever deciding which apartment to choose. Some things on the list may be priorities like being pet friendly, but others might be more of a want than a need. Knowing which things are most important can help make a decision whenever choosing between the final few apartments.

Third, always do a walkthrough of the apartment before ever signing a lease. Doing this will help bring potential issues to light or give peace of mind if there is nothing wrong. If there is an issue, it can be pointed out to the landlord and a solution can be found. The fix can even be written into the lease agreement to ensure the landlord will take care of it.

Fourth, it is never a bad thing to talk to potential neighbors and find out everything possible about the area. This is just another way to give the renter peace of mind before signing a lease. Talking to potential neighbors can also start relationships between neighbors and build a stronger community.

Hoyt Bedford OutsideFifth, renters need to be sure to read the lease agreement and understand what it says before signing it. Doing this will ensure everything the renter and landlord agreed upon is in writing, and it helps the renter to know the rules and limitations of living there, as well as things like when rent is due, penalties, utilities and more. Once signed, the renter has legally agreed to follow what the lease agreement says.

Last but not least, renters should strongly consider getting renter’s insurance. Like many of the things on the list, it helps give renters peace of mind. Renters can rest assured that if anything ever happens and damages are made to the apartment due to others in the building or other circumstances, insurance will cover it. Typically, renter’s insurance is reasonably inexpensive and will cover a lot.

These are just a few tips to remember when looking to rent an apartment. At CTBest Apartments, the goal is to make the entire renting process as easy as possible for the first-time renter and the seasoned pro. For those looking for an apartment in some of Connecticut’s most popular locations, visit Or, contact a leasing consultant by calling or texting Desiree at 203-223-1665 or Jessica at 203-448-9650.

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