The Townhouse Apartments are Ideal for Catching Pops in the Park


pdf_popswrapnew2009_june22Next Wednesday night, one week from today, is the first of three concerts in the “Pops in the Park” series. All three performances will take place on the Heineken Stage in Columbus Park, which is conveniently located in downtown Stamford. Attending these Wednesday night concerts is a fantastic way to break up the work week and get you excited about the upcoming weekend.

The Stamford Symphony Pops is commencing the free concert series on July 8th. This isn’t just any night on the town, but is a perfect option for a date night as the orchestra puts on a concert full of love songs and movie magic! It’ll be a night to remember.

On July 15th, The Stylistics will take the stage performing their top ten hits from the 70’s. It’ll be a smooth evening filled with R&B songs like “You are Everything” and “You Make Me Feel Brand New.”

The concert series concludes on July 22 with the New York City Big Band. Talk about ending with a bang! The band bridges the musical gap between yesterday and today and will create an enjoyable evening for all.

In order to catch all of the fantastic downtown Stamford events like Pops in the Park, it would be best to live in downtown Stamford. The Townhouse apartments features luxury high-rise Stamford apartments conveniently located within walking distance to all of these downtown events. As a resident at the Townhouse, you would not have to worry about where to park and battling traffic once the event is over. And, since these events are just a short walk down the street, there is not the opportunity of you ever missing a great signature Stamford event.

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