Stamford Rental Apartments Residents can turn to Dance for Holiday Fun

Dance lessons close for Stamford rental apartments residents

Stamford residents can take great dance lessons only a few blocks away

Here’s an idea for some great winter fun for those living in Stamford rental apartments! How about a dance class? Not the kind you’re probably picturing with stuffy rooms and dusty windows with old records on a turntable. This one is way more fun. I’m talking about Maria Fiora Dance Studio on Summer Street. It’s only a few blocks south from our downtown Stamford apartment communities but it’s a world away in experience offering a terrific way to stay in shape, try out a new hobby and make some new friends!

Maria and her staff not only offer classes in dance but in health & wellness for stress relief, relaxation and dance for weight loss. They are fully trained and highly experienced in giving lessons to all ages and abilities. They are sure to have something to peak your interest such as an introductory program where students are taught the basics of each type of dance. Afterwards you and your instructor will evaluate which program is best for you.

There’s also private personal training. This is the most direct and efficient way to learn, with a main focus on partnership and the details of leading or following your partner. There are also group sessions with anywhere from six to 20 students. There are even children’s dance classes in Latin, Ballroom, Tango, Salsa and Ballet for ages as young as four!

While the residents of our Morgan Manor, Hoyt-Bedford & Townhouse Apartments all have a fully-equipped fitness center at each community that’s included in the monthly rent, we know sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to workout. This could be just the ticket. Call Maria Fiora today and ask about her winter classes at (203)353-4363.

Of course, residents and those looking for a great place to live in Branford, New Haven, Norwalk, or Hamden rental apartments should check out our blog!

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