Stamford Re-Uses Rockefeller Center Tree


Remember the 80-foot Norway spruce that took center stage this past holiday season at Rockefeller Center? Well, it has found a new home, a permanent home in Stamford, Conn. Habitat for Humanity has taken the tree and used it in the construction of a eight-unit condominium complex on West Main Street. This is a much better use for the remarkable tree than just throwing it away, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s stories like this one that help give downtown Stamford a unique flare. There seems to be a story associated with most every building that makes up the city. Those individuals lucky enough to live in the city are surrounded by historical structures and other cultural attractions that make home life extraordinary. You may be thinking that living in the city is way out of your price range or maybe just too busy for your liking, but we are here to let you know this is not the case. The Townhouse, Morgan Manor and Hoyt Bedford are three affordable options for living in downtown Stamford and each have something different to offer.

So you want the convenience of living downtown but really have no taste for the busy, hustle-and-bustle of downtown life? Look to Morgan Manor, which offers apartments in Strawberry Hill. Although you are within walking distance to many corporate offices, UCONN and other destinations of downtown Stamford, you are nestled in the quiet and serene environment of Strawberry Hill. It’s the best of both worlds!

If you like the fast-paced, hustle and bustle of downtown life, then the Townhouse is where you want to live. These luxury, high-rise apartments in Stamford are directly off of Prospect Street and in the midst of city’s biggest attractions, most popular restaurants and boutique shops.

Offering beautiful oak trees and classic brick buildings, Hoyt Bedford is an elegant community featuring spacious Stamford apartments. You’ll fall in love with the exquisite architecture and professional landscaping of this apartment community near UBS and other Stamford landmarks.

If you want more details about the use of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, check out this article from the Stamford Advocate.

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