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Celebrate Stamford

Here’s a great way to close out the summer with one last fabulous event near your Stamford apartment rentals! Stamford’s Mayor, Michael Pavia has announced that a fireworks display will be scheduled for today at Kosciuszko Park. The “Celebrate Stamford” event will also include local musical and dance acts.

“I’m incredibly excited to bring fireworks back to Stamford and to showcase the new development at Harbor Point,” Pavia stated in a press release. “This event came together incredibly quickly and it shows that when the City of Stamford gets behind something, we can produce tremendous results quickly. Private business, the city and both the police and fire departments all had to work together to make this wonderful event possible.”

Located at Elmcroft Road and Dyke Lane on the shores of Stamford Harbor, Kosciuszko Park is just about 1 mile south of our downtown Stamford apartments; just a few minutes’ drive for our residents who live in Morgan manor, Hoyt-Bedford and the Townhouse Apartments. The park is a 7-acre waterfront peninsula that contains a wide walkway around the perimeter which encircles ball fields and a children’s playground. The site has plenty of parking and –bonus!- does not require a fee or park sticker so you can invite all your friends to join you!

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