Residents of Hamden Rental Apartments Wonder What Happened to Winter

No snow worries this year

Its great to not have to worry about snow like this with warmer temperatures!

While we have been enjoying the warmer temperatures, residents of our Seramonte Hamden rental apartments can’t help but be amazed that this winter has been one of the mildest in terms of snowfall and temperature since 1967. Last year on Groundhog’s Day, a blizzard swept through New England and blanketed us with snow. This year, Punxsutawney Phil came out of his hole to mild temperatures but saw his shadow and thus predicted six more weeks of winter. But where is the groundhog prophet’s winter? This year’s snowfall is a record low and we’ve been experiencing mild temperatures that have been averaging at least five degrees above normal.

It seems we have the Arctic winds to thank for the mild weather. The Arctic winds have kept the jet stream, which usually brings the arctic air to the lower 48, in the far North. This phenomenon is called the Arctic oscillation. Although this mild weather is welcomed by most people it does have certain negative aspects. This unseasonably warm weather causes plants and trees to bloom early and then lose their blooms, such as the famous cherry trees in Washington which have already started to bud. Warm weather can also hurt fruit crops and is already expected to negatively affect grape crops used for wine making.

Of course there are benefits to this mild winter. People can enjoy a nice walk outside, which is especially lovely in these warm temperatures. Towns are finally saving money on their snow removal budgets, kids will get out of school on time this year. If it keeps up, we’ll be able to open the pool on time or maybe even early this year! Keep an eye on our blog for great ways to spend this warmer winter outdoors if you are or are interested in living in our Hamden, Norwalk, Stamford or Branford apartment rentals.

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