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connecticut apartmentsNo matter the luxury Connecticut apartment you choose, there’s no doubt the property manager is already planning for your personal safety. Whether it’s well-lighted parking, a gated entry or carefully screened personnel, your Connecticut Best Apartment community will be looking out for you.

But when it comes to protecting your identity, you have to take the leading role. You wouldn’t give a stranger the keys to your apartment, don’t give them the keys to your identify either!  “
Avoid Identity Theft: Get in the Habit of Protecting Your Personal Information,”  a recent article on the
Equifax Personal Finance Blog,  offers some tips.

You’ve heard many of these ideas before, but they’re worth revisiting as the holiday shopping season approaches. For example, when you head out to shop or to visit friends and family, empty your wallet of all but the credit cards you actually need for that trip. If your wallet gets lost or stolen, you’ll have fewer credit card companies to contact and less of a chance that your information will be stolen. Be aware of your surroundings, and don’t place your credit card or other identifying information on a sales counter where other customers can see it.

Protecting yourself isn’t just for the days you’re out and about. You need to take steps at home, too. If you don’t already have a shredder, you might add it to  your holiday wish list – if you can wait that long. You need to be destroying any mail that contains your personal information. And think carefully about your passwords. It doesn’t matter how often you change them or how carefully you devise them; they’re not safe if you’ve stashed a list under your computer keyboard.

In case your credit cards are stolen, you’ll need to have the contact information readily available to place a timely report. Equifax recommends keeping both an electronic and a hard copy of all your account information. Again, you’ll want to store the information wisely so it’s not easily found or accessed by others.

What are your favorite ways of protecting your identity? Check out the tips on the
Equifax Personal Finance Blog, then share your ideas here.

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