Oak Hills Tennis Club Provides Fun Exercise Outlet


Okay, no more excuses. This is the year you promised yourself to get back in shape, remember? I know going to the gym can get dull and running by yourself isn’t very exciting, but I’ve found something that promises to be fun, a great workout and a place where you can go with friends, or make new ones near the Stamford apartments at Morningside Gardens.

You can play or learn to play tennis this season at Oak Hills Tennis Club. It’s located on Fillow Street, which is just about 5 minutes away from our Morningside Gardens Apartments on Prospect Street. It’s an exceptional facility where you can improve your skills, play tournaments, and get world-class instruction in a fun and relaxed environment. And best of all, Oak Hills Tennis Club is a public facility open to all!

You can choose from a wide variety of adult programs geared toward helping you become the best tennis player you can be. There are specialty programs such as Cardio Tennis – a great work out and you don’t have to spend all your time at the gym, $25 per person due before play. Or, there’s the Stroke of the Day which will provide an opportunity to improve your tennis game by working on a different stroke each day. These clinics will be held throughout the season, $25 per person due before play. And, there’s also some Adult Clinics available throughout the season, weekdays or weekends, whichever fits your schedule better.

You can call for the time slots and prices (203) 838-9110 or stop by their Fillow Street office.

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