Move into Your Hamden Apartment Rentals Easily with these Tips

Hamden apartment rentals at Seramonte

Tips to Help You Move Easily Into Your Hamden Apartments

No matter how much time you allow, moving into your new Hamden apartment rentals can be an overwhelming task. Since it is hard to keep track of everything you need to pack and do, a great way to do it is to prepare a checklist to use as a guide. It is important to calculate the cost of your move and set up a budget in the early stages of preparation.

The first step is to set up a “moving file” or notebook where you will keep all of the information pertaining to the move in one place. If you plan to make a short-distance move, you may consider doing the move yourself (or with the help of family and friends). If you plan to make a long-distance move, there are several factors to consider such as whether you can do it yourself, or whether you need to hire a moving service. You will also need to plan for either driving or shipping your auto to your new destination.

If you will be moving yourself, you can do some research on size and cost of suitable containers which can range from plastic bins to cardboard boxes. Even if you plan to do the move yourself, you can still take advantage of information as well as packing supplies and related materials offered by local companies such as U-Haul. And if you do plan to do it yourself, you’ll want to reserve the appropriate truck size you will be renting well in advance of your move date.

A good way to start the process is to donate or throw away items you don’t need or want. This helps to minimize what you need to pack and move; and on the other end, it helps to minimize the amount of items you may have to store or unpack. You may want to make special arrangements for jewelry and current papers such as bank or investment statements and other personal documents. When you finally do begin packing, start by packing out-of-season clothing, household and other items you use least. It’s always a good plan to start using up open containers of food and other products and household items to minimize waste by having to give away or throw away half-used packages.

Other factors to consider and research are: finding out if your move is tax deductible; how much notice you need to give your current landlord prior to moving out; obtaining details with your new apartment pertaining to move-in regulations or special parking arrangements for moving day; contacting your insurance company to arrange for or change the address for your renter’s insurance; and make a list about who you need to notify about your move to include friends, doctors, schools, current and perhaps former employers, churches or professional organizations and creditors.

Above all, don’t forget to call your utility provider and make arrangements to cancel service for your current and start service in your new apartment, and file a change of address form with the United States Postal Service. We know you will enjoy your new home at Seramonte Apartments in Hamden including all of the area’s convenient amenities.

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