Lockwood Mathews Mansion Hosts Day of Play


800px-norwalkctlockwoodmansionsoside09032007The Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum is partnering with Stepping Stones Museum for Children and the Norwalk Historical Commission to present the annual Worldwide Day of Play – a day to help children and their families focus on the importance of a healthy active lifestyle. This year, the event will have a historic focus featuring old-time games, sports and other activities all guaranteed to get your family up and moving. The event will be free to the public and takes place this Saturday, September 26th.

This historical mansion in Norwalk hosts many events throughout the year in addition to the fact that the exquisite building is now open for tours. The facility can also be rented as a venue to host your next event. It’s one piece of Norwalk’s history and a shining example of why this seaport town is extraordinary. Morningside Gardens are conveniently located near the Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum, making these events easy to get to. The luxury Norwalk apartments are filled with New England Charm, be sure to check them out while attending the Worldwide Day of Play.

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