Hot Fall Design Tips to Warm Things up This Season


Fall Design Tips What better way to ring in the changing of the seasons than with an apartment makeover? There are plenty of ways to spice up your luxury Connecticut apartment this fall, and CTBest has gathered some of the best tips and ideas that are sure to conjure up some design envy among your friends.

One of our favorite things about this time of year is watching the leaves change their colors from green to bright oranges and reds. Soon, fallen leaves will be covering the ground once more and you’ll have the perfect accessory for your apartment. The burst of color will bring interest to your space, and there are many ways you can use the leaves to brighten things up. String them together and hang in various places throughout your apartment, such as the curtain rods or over doorways. The fireplaces in Montoya also make for good spots to hang your autumn garland.

If you do decide to hang those leaves from the curtain rods, you should definitely think about changing the curtains to match the fall theme. Look for rich colors and heavier fabrics to bring warmth to the space, and add some throw pillows and blankets on the couch to match.

You can also add warmth with candles. Candles with fall colors and scents like cranberry, pumpkin spice and apple cider are ideal. You can even purchase candles that sound like crackling wood to bring that outdoor feeling in.

Of course, it’s not fall without pumpkins. Invite some friends over to have a pumpkin carving party on your private terrace at Morgan Manor, or for less mess, paint your pumpkins. Metallic paints give your pumpkins elegance, while geometric shapes and polka dots bring the fun. Bonus points for incorporating pumpkins of varying sizes and colors and showcasing them on bales of hay or wooden crates.

For that extra cozy feeling, change your bedding. This is the perfect opportunity to add some texture and depth to your space. Throw pillows in eye-catching colors and patterns will also make your place pop.

If you can’t wait to carve some pumpkins on your private terrace at Morgan Manor, visit the leasing center at 112 Hoyt Street or call 203-325-3848. Interested renters can also call or text Desiree for more information on these Stamford apartments for rent at 203-223-1665. If you’re feeling inspired by our fireplace decorating tips, then Montoya is the place to be. These luxury apartments in Branford are ideal for all of your seasonal décor, so stop by the leasing center at 57 Montoya Circle or call 203-208-0174. Leasing agent Jennifer can also be reached 203-537-3172.

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