Happy Birthday, Justin


On Saturday, March 5, the Leasing Office at Montoya Apartments played host to a belated birthday party for Justin Bieber, who had turned 17 on the first. Montoya is a beautifully landscaped community of Branford apartments, and just a few minutes from New Haven and Yale.

The Leasing Office, which is open every day, is a converted one bedroom one bath garden-style apartment, so there was plenty of room for the ten or so young girls and one boy who attended.

The Office furnished milk, juice and donuts for the fans that brought their own music as well as games and posters for the walls. As the kids ate, drank and listened to Justin’s music, they talked about which of them Justin was going to marry. Bieber has many fans of all ages, but for young girls between 8 and 14, he is nothing short of a benign epidemic.

Between games and art projects, the kids filled out guest cards and pretended to rent an apartment. One wanted a “gigantic” condo so she could use the seasonal pool. Another wanted a two bedroom apartment plus a garage for her Justin Bieber collection.

After all the leasing was done with, the guest cards were used for a drawing of an iPod Shuffle. The device was won by the youngest girl in attendance, whose older sister told her she would fill the iPod with (guess who?) Justin’s songs; so no matter how the shuffle went, Justin would always be on.

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