Enhanced Referral Incentives at Seramonte


Seramonte realizes that their best advocates are their happy residents. This is true with any corporation because positive word-of-mouth is the absolute best marketing tool. I mean, how many times have you tried a new restaurant or brand of toothpaste because a friend recommended it? Knowing this, Seramonte consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their residents are happy and would recommend the Hamden apartments to friends and family. In return for your endorsement,  Seramonte will credit you one month’s rent. To think so many apartment communities just give you $50 cash.

Offering one month’s rent as a referral incentive is only one of many ways that Seramonte exceeds expectations. With a variety of floorplans ranging from studio apartments to three-story townhomes, the large Hamden apartments cater to all living situations, whether living alone or with a growing a family. Plus, the community offers a wide array of amenities and elegant features, like crown molding, custom wood blinds and a community swimming pool, which make everyday life a little more convenient and enjoyable. And, to promote a sense of community, Seramonte regularly hosts events for residents, like the annual end of summer pool party.

It’s truly a great place to call home, and, being only 10 minutes from New Haven and Yale University, you are close the exciting nightlife and cultural events that the city is known for. Go ahead and make the move to Seramonte and start living in an apartment community that strives to make you happy.

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