Getting Settled in Your Hamden Rental Apartments


The thought of furnishing Hamden rental apartments might have you worried. But, there are ways and means of finding inexpensive furnishings that can save you time, energy and money. Of course, if you are starting out fresh you have a lot of more options, but if you already have furniture you can make a few small changes or tweaks in design that will go a long way.

If the main piece of furniture in your living room is a couch or futon, a simple slipcover can change not only the color but the style and look as well. There’s a wealth of options and ideas for all furniture types at Sure Fit.

Usually, good use of small space is small furniture. The use of acrylic or glass is often great for creating an illusion of space, and mirrors are a wonderful accessory as they reflect light and create an open feeling. In the alternative, sometimes large pieces in small spaces are effective.  It’s a good idea to use the measurements on the floorplan of the apartment you plan to furnish which can usually be obtained at the leasing office of the rental community or on their website.  You can either measure the furniture you are planning to place or visit the Better Homes and Gardens website where you can arrange a room online.

In any room, it is best to pick a focal point which serves as an anchor for the rest of the room. For example, in the living room it would be your couch and in the bedroom, the bed. You probably want to select the most desirable location for such a piece based on a number of factors including function, light and relationship to other pieces in the room such as the TV. You want to arrange the furniture based on the needs of family members so they can live comfortably and relax at home. For more ideas on decorating, visit the Home Decorating Ideas website.

When creating seating arrangements, practicalities come into play. For one, you should always leave enough space around the furniture so people can move freely. If your goal is to encourage conversation, do not place chairs and sofas too far apart. You’ll also need adequate table surfaces for drinks, books and table lamps through the use of coffee tables, end tables and even upholstered ottomans. Although practicality is important, you always want to leave a little wiggle room for creativity.

Happy decorating!

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