Get Out of Your Stamford Rentals for a Day at the Beach


The grounds at our Morgan Manor and Hoyt-Bedford Apartment communities never looked so green and lush to me as they do now. If you haven’t already, you really should take some time in the evening to get out of these Stamford rentals and stroll around the grounds to enjoy the beautiful flower beds and shady bricked walkways. And, the Townhouse Apartments on Prospect Street are wearing their season’s best with the sidewalk plantings in full bloom. The Townhouse residents are also perfectly situated to take advantage of the farmer’s markets that take place every Saturday morning, just across the street.

But to really appreciate Stamford in the summer, I recommend you pack up the car and head to one of our four beaches. All are just a few minute’s drive from any of our downtown Stamford apartments. You can spend a few minutes or spend an entire day – it’s up to you.

You can fish, swim or sun at West Beach, Cummings Beach and both beaches at Cove Island. Large playground areas can be found at Cove Island and Cummings beaches. Boat launches, windsurfing and kayaking can be found at West Beach and Cummings’. All the beaches offer picnic areas and Cummings and Cove parks both provide grills for public use. Cove Island also has dedicated biking/rollerblading and running tracks.

But the best aspect of all is that you can do any or all of these things as often as you wish for as little or as long as you like. The beaches in Stamford are free and open to all Stamford residents (Cars must have a beach sticker to park). They are all so close by you can spend an hour, an afternoon or all day if you like, and still be home in just a few minutes – no traffic jams, no tolls, no spending hours just getting there. And, here’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day: go down to the beach just about sunset. Just sit and relax while you watch the moon come up, leaving a silvery trail on the water. Perfect!

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