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Sleeping Giant State Park, located near the Hamden rental apartments at Seramonte, is very much alive and doing well. As you approach the area of the park on the Wilbur Cross Parkway in Hamden, CT, you see what resembles a large man in repose; hence, the name, sleeping giant. The Park is set on 32 miles of wilderness not only accessible via the Parkway, but by way of Interstate 91. It’s complete with fishing facilities (trout), nature and hiking trails and a picnic area nestled under tall pine trees. If you’re traveling in either direction between New York and Boston, then the Park is the ideal place for a stop gap. It’s the perfect daytrip getaway. To visit the website go to .

There are two miles of mountain top and a lookout observation tower where you can experience fabulous views of Park landscape, Long Island Sound and the New Haven area. The Park Association has reached out to experts and volunteers to help identify the almost 300 species of mammals, fish, insects, plants, birds, amphibians and reptiles and fungi that dwell in its midst. As a result, you can visit and click on the categories that have been catalogued to find a detailed list of the various plants and creatures that call Sleeping Giant Park their home.

Another interesting aspect to add to the magnetism of the Park is the belief that a Native American Indian tribe known as Quinnipiac used the mountaintop for ceremonies. As a matter of fact, Quinnipiac University is located at the base of the mountain.

If you want to make a weekend of it, the town of Hamden itself offers all sorts of cultural resources from the Eli Whitney Museum to Hamden Center for the Arts. Another choice for tourists and sightseeing expeditions is the Jonathan Dickerman House which is an 18th century farmhouse offering weekend tours.

In addition to a variety of lodging choices, there are also choices of a wide variety of restaurants and bars for nightlife. There are several shopping plazas housing all of the popular stores and shops we all know and love including Wal-Mart, Marshalls and TJ Max. You can visit for information on other places and events in Hamden, CT

Whether you currently reside in one of our Hamden, CT apartments, or if you are just passing through, we’re confident you will agree that Hamden has it all. We’d just like to let the rest of the world in on the best-kept secret.

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