Experience a Wee Bit O’ Scotland in Norwalk


highland-games-picThe 86th annual Round Hill Highland Games is to be held this year on Saturday, June 27th. The Highland Games are the third oldest games in the United States. Originally, the games were held on a private estate in Greenwich, Connecticut but have since ended up in Norwalk. If you are of Scottish descent, Highland Games encourages you to register your clan and participate in the Parade of Clans during the opening ceremonies. During the parade clans wear their plaids and call out clan war cries.

Visitors are encouraged to learn about Scottish heritage during this full day of events. For instance, learn about Highland dancing by going to the Highland dance competition. There, Scottish Country dancers demonstrate the elegant and lively dances of Scotland. Or listen to individual piping and drumming competitions that are held throughout the day. If you are tired of watching the fun and want an activity for yourself, then I suggest you head over to the picture-board to get your photo taken as Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, a Highland  bagpiper or anyone of the many characters available. This activity is especially great for kids.

highland-game-pic-2Of course a Scottish celebration wouldn’t be complete without great Scottish food. You can enjoy traditional Scottish fish and chips as well as meat pies all day at the festival. If you aren’t into trying new things, don’t worry because hot dogs and cheeseburgers will be served as well.

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