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map wall artWhen you move into a new place, it sometimes takes a while before it truly starts to feel like home. Your new apartment won’t have any of your personal touches that spark that warmth of home when you first arrive. Or, if you’ve lived in your apartment, it may begin to feel stale. Don’t worry though! Whether you need to add a little personality or are just looking for a change, we have a few quick and easy decorating hacks to make your apartment more inviting.

Map art is a fun and inspiring way to decorate your living space, especially if you love to travel! All you need is a large map of the United States. Then, hang it up on a large wall that needs decoration. The map is already a cool way to add some life to a boring room, but it gets better! Whenever you travel to different states, be sure to get a picture. When you come home, print it out, cut it out as the shape of the state and attach it to the same state on your map! This adds color, preserves memories and can even lead to great conversations. Read More→

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