Continue Good Recycling Habits Year Round at our Norwalk Apartments

Norwalk apartments recycle more

We strive to recycle more at our Norwalk Apartments and make the Earth a better place

Last month we enjoyed Earth Day, and at our Norwalk apartments we don’t limit being environmentally conscious to just one holiday. For many of us, repurposing and recycling have become second nature as ideas about green living move into the mainstream. Residents of Morningside Gardens in Norwalk have long been practicing good recycling habits. Even so we all probably throw away more than we should. is a great resource for finding ways to recycle more. For instance polystyrene (Styrofoam) isn’t picked up by curbside services, but there are other uses you can find for it, or else a place near you that will recycle it. You can also find places to recycle broken or old electronics, eye glass frames, cell phones, toner cartridges, appliances or junked cars. All of these are items that have a future for someone else, so you can recycle them or you can search for charities and drives in your area that are looking for these items.

Another way to go is to repurpose some items. A plastic shower cap can be used as a shoe bag when you travel. A contact-lens case can be used as a pill container or using old clip-on earrings can be used as shoe or handbag embellishments. Even an old toothbrush can be used for lots of purposes like cleaning tile grout to applying hair dye.

With so many ways to conserve natural resources and protect the environment, it’s nice to have choices to make on how to live greener. Every time you keep a cast-off item out of a landfill, we all win! Check our blog for ways to enjoy recycling and other buyer incentives around our other luxury apartments in Connecticut.

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