Apartment Style 101: Fix-Up Your Apartment for Fall


fall apartment decorAfter months of a humid summer, who doesn’t love the feeling of a crisp, cool fall breeze flowing through the air? Once we catch that first refreshing gust of wind, our instincts are to switch everything in our lives to fall. As cooler weather approaches, it’s only natural to long for cozy blankets, endless cuddling on the couch (whether it be with a significant other or your cat), and fall décor. Coming home to a relaxing fall scene is a perfect ending to a hectic day. Here are a few tips to help get your apartment in a new, festive mood:

  • Bring the fall scents to life. Decorations are definitely a must for seasonal changes, but the smell of autumn air is the most refreshing and rejuvenating scent an apartment can have. Scents such as pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and a walk in the woods are all fall blends that are craved. Candles and diffusers are a perfect way to begin spicing up your apartment with a new smell.
  • Become tea and soup ready. Invest in a tea station and stock your pantry for homemade soup. When the weather changes, so does our bodies. You will thank yourself for having a variety of teas on hand. Stocking up on your favorite teas and soups are good reminders that fall brings early nights and cold mornings. Unlike summer, when the heat is disastrous, fall is the perfect time to practice your cooking because the warmness from the oven is actually inviting. Conjuring up your favorite soup will also add an autumn feeling, and smell, to your apartment.
  • Change the colors and the mood. Add orange, dark reds, and greens to your apartment to create a more pleasant atmosphere. Incorporate different lighting to rooms as well. Adding a stick of lights to a tall flower pot, or simply stringing lights across the curtains could soften the mood. With the sunset coming earlier, candle light and string lights are pleasing on the eyes.
  • Let nature come in. Fall is notorious for its beautiful outdoor colors. The most inexpensive way to decorate your apartment is by bringing leaves, twigs, and branches indoors. Fill a mason jar with colorful leaves, pinecones, and a few fallen twigs and you have a masterpiece for the table. Autumn months also bring new flowers to life. While sunflowers are prominent for fall, everyone knows pumpkins are the fall favorite. Choose a pumpkin of any size to decorate and add your unique touches to your apartment.

Embrace the new season by adding your creative touches when decorating your apartment. At the end of the day, it’s your comfort place and you deserve a home designed completely for you. Be sure to check out the CTBest blog regularly for more style tips for you apartment!

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