Affordability of Renting an Apartment


469750496The affordability of utilities plays a large role when people are deciding if and where they should rent. Are the utility costs low enough? Who includes utilities in the cost of the monthly rent and still has a reasonable price? At CTBest Apartments, you can find both luxury apartments that include utilities and an affordable cost. How?

One reason the costs of utilities is low when renting an apartment is because of the floor plan of the apartment and building. Large homes use a lot of energy and power to heat and cool the whole house. There are a lot of rooms and space, and it simply just takes more energy to heat and cool it.

By contrast, apartments are much more compact and don’t need as much energy to heat and cool the entire apartment. Less energy to do this means less money comes out of your pocket. In addition, apartments have at least one wall that is adjacent to another apartment. With one or more outer walls of the apartment next to another apartment, the weather outside doesn’t affect the temperature of the apartment inside as much because the other apartments are acting as insulation. This again allows apartments to use less energy to heat and cool the space and makes it more affordable.

Another reason utilities are affordable when renting an apartment is because many apartments, like at CTBest Apartments, include utilities in the monthly rent. It gives renters less to worry about and is just another reason why renting an apartment is more affordable.

CTBest Apartments offers nothing less than what renters want and need. At many CTBest apartments, utilities such as heat, hot water and cooking gas are included in the monthly rent. To find a luxury apartment with these utilities and more, visit or call or text leasing consultant Desiree at 203-223-1665.

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