5 DIY Skills Every Renter Should Know


DIY Skills for RentersOne of the best perks of living in an apartment is that you don’t have to take care of many home repairs yourself. Residents of our Hamden apartments at Seramonte are provided with 24/7 maintenance so that any problem can easily be fixed, day or night. However, for the sake of being a savvy renter, here are a few DIY basics that any resident should know:



Unclog a Drain: No matter how fast maintenance gets to your apartment, sometimes a clogged drain just can’t wait. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to unclog a sink if you know what to do. First, remove your sink stopper. If you can’t pull it out, just remove the pivot rod holding it in place under your sink (it’s just a thin rod attached to the bottom of your stopper). Then use a snake, which can be found at any hardware store, to clear the drain. Thread the snake as far as it will go into the drain – you want it to fill as much of your pipe as possible. Then pull it out slowly to remove the source of the clog; repeat this process until your pipes have been cleared of gunk. Once your drain is clear, replace the stopper and pivot rod.

Change a Showerhead: It’s nearly impossible to enjoy a shower when the water feels like it’s coming from a leaky faucet. While showerheads can’t always control water pressure, there are ways to adjust the flow to make showers more enjoyable. Purchase a new showerhead, which can be purchased for a relatively inexpensive price, and some Teflon tape, also known as plumber’s tape. Remove the old showerhead from the arm using a wrench or pliers, taking care not to squeeze too hard.  Once this is removed, clean the end of the pipe and wrap it in a layer of Teflon tape to prevent leaks. Screw on your new showerhead over the tape, and your showers will be leak-free.

Hang Heavy Items: One of the most important resident skills is learning how to find a stud in the wall. Studs are strong enough to hold up heavy objects such as mirrors or shelves, which could damage the drywall if not hung in the proper location. The simplest solution, of course, would be to purchase an electronic stud finder from your local hardware store. If you’d rather learn the old-fashioned way, you could knock on your walls to find a stud; a hollow-sound indicates that there is not a stud, while a solid sound indicates that you’ve hit the right spot. Studs are usually located near windows, doors and corners, and are spaced about every 1.5 to 2 feet.

Patch a Hole in Your Wall: There’s nothing worse than losing your security deposit, so if your wall décor has caused damage to the drywall, make sure you know how to fix it. All you need is some lightweight spackle, a putty knife and some sandpaper, which can be found at most hardware outlets or hardware sections of larger stores. To patch the hole, scoop out a small amount of the spackle with the putty knife and fill the hole. Then, use the straight side of the putty knife to even out and smooth down the spackle. Let this dry for a few hours or overnight, then lightly sand the area with sandpaper to blend the spackle into the drywall.

Fix your Toilet: No one wants to ask for help with a toilet clog, so this skill is definitely a must. First of all, make sure you have a plunger in your home. Place the plunger over the hole in your toilet, covering it completely. If there isn’t much water in the bowl, use a pitcher to add more. Pump the handle into the rubber head several times, and then pull the plunger up slowly to break the seal. The suction should be powerful enough to take care of your clog.

While these skills are useful for any apartment resident or homeowner, it’s always nice to have the comfort of 24/7 maintenance in case anything goes wrong. At Seramonte, renters can count on a professional staff to take care of messes, accidents and other repairs. Located minutes from New Haven, these Hamden apartments also offer conveniences including a community swimming pool, in-home washers and dryers, spacious closets and a charming, pet-friendly community. To learn more about renting one of these Hamden apartments at Seramonte, visit the leasing center at 1 Kaye Plaza or call 203-281-0001. Interested renters can also all or text Jessica at 203-448-9650 or Sam at 203-619-4576.

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